Why a Study Guide is Essential for Achieving VCE PE Exam Success

Melissa Arkinstall
November 13, 2020

Your VCE PE exams may be just around the corner, but that doesn't mean you can't start and structure your revision time effectively today.

It's never too late to get started on a path to success.

If you feel like you're struggling with the pressure of impending exams, there are a few small things you can implement right now to ease some of that stress and help you get to where you need to be.

What is a study guide?

A good study guide can be seen as a tool which will allow you to effectively manage and structure your learning.
It will include sources and information to help direct your learning in a way best suited to the subject's study design.
Most importantly, a study guide will prepare you for exam time.

How will a study guide help me with my VCE PE exams?

Exam preparation involves a lot more than simply knowing all the right facts and figures. The VCE PE exams require you to demonstrate a particular level of critical thinking.

To do this, revision materials must be organised and structured in way that will help you comprehend the subject matter, and aid in your ability to think critically.

An effective VCE PE study guide will help you identify what you need to 'know' and what you need to 'do', to prepare for your exams. 

For example:

Let's look at VCE PE Unit 3: 'Movement skills and energy for physical activity'.

There are 2 areas of study which are broken down into different topics.
In the first area of study, Area of Study 1: 'How are movement skills improved?', you will examine the biomechanical and skill acquisition principles that can be applied when analysing and improving movement skills.
This is to develop an understanding of how the correct application of biomechanical and skill acquisition principles leads to greater efficiency and accuracy in movement skills.

This is what you need to 'know'.

What you need to 'do' is create an effective way of ensuring you know and understand the area of study, so you are prepared come exam time.

How do you create an effective study guide to prepare for your VCE PE exams?

That is the question... Well have we got some good news for you.

At ERA, one of our goals is to empower everyone who engages with us to leave with more than they started with.

That means giving students like you, the tools and skills needed to succeed in your studies and career.

When it came down to creating the most effective study guide for your VCE PE exams, we wanted to roll-up our sleeves and do some of the heavy lifting for you.

That's why we've already designed the perfect VCE PE Unit 3 Study Guide to help you over the last few weeks. And guess what? It's FREE!

Go on, it's free: Free Download

Study Guide-1

We have used the 2020 Adjusted Study Design to help you focus your learning on the key skills and right information.

It doesn't matter if you're deep in your revision or have only just started, the guide will work with you to help identify those gaps in knowledge, and direct your learning.

Check out below, the perfect companion to your VCE PE Unit 3 Study Guide, dubbed The Secret Weapon for VCE PE Students

VCE PE Resource Hub

Resource Hub

  • Study Summary - For a simple framework to help you answer difficult PE exam questions.
  • VCE PE Community - To ask and receive answers to common exam questions from our content experts.
  • 25+ Video Lessons - Premium video content which covers every key concept from the Unit's 3 & 4 study design.
  • Interactive Quizzes - Multi-choice and self-marking to check your understanding.
  • Pace Yourself - Structured for you to work through at your own pace, as many times as you need.

Check out what you can access on the VCE PE Resource Hub:

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