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Achieve Your Health & Fitness Goals Without Leaving Home

This 12-week structured program is delivered completely online, so it really doesn't matter where you are so long as you can connect with us. You will be given access to our own qualified industry professionals and University students, who are completing their ERA Internship alongside studying physiotherapy, exercise or health science.

This is currently a FREE program to support our community and students.


Your weekly session is led by your ERA student intern under the watchful eye of our qualified supervisors, who are Exercise Scientists and Accredited Exercise Physiologists. 


This program is not suitable for everyone. To be eligible to participate you must be of reasonable health with no pre-existing medical conditions or musculoskeletal injuries. 

What is included?

Your 12-week program offers a long list of benefits including: health and fitness appraisals, a personalised exercise program and weekly supervised exercise sessions.

Do I need equipment?

No gym equipment is required, only a towel, drink bottle and small clear space. However, if you do have equipment and would like to put it to good use...make sure to let us know.

How are sessions run?

Your weekly 45-minute exercise sessions are conducted online using Zoom Meetings. It is essential that you have a reliable internet connection and either a mobile phone, tablet or laptop with a webcam to use during each session.

Register Your Interest

Register your interest to participate in our 12-week program. Once you have submitted your expression of interest you will receive an email inviting you to complete your Health Screening Questionnaire.

The responses in your Health Screen Questionnaire will allow us to confirm whether you are able to successfully move through to Week 1 of the program.

Program Structure

Week 1   Initial Health & Fitness Consultation
  • Meet your ERA team who will be working with you for the program duration
  • Review and discuss your Pre-screening Health Questionnaire responses
  • Set your health and fitness goals
  • Perform your initial physical assessment
Week 2 to 11   One-On-One Exercise Sessions 
  • Each session starts with a pre-session check-in and diary update
  • Perform your personalised exercise session led and supervised by your ERA team
  • Programs are reviewed and updated at 3 time points in this 10 week period
  • Perform your end of program physical assessment (Week 11)
Week 12   Program Review
  • Review the attainment of your health and fitness goals
  • Receive a summary report outlining your progress over the 12-weeks
  • Complete an online survey to provide us with feedback of your experience
  • 'Opt-in' to continue your program with us by joining our next group

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