Exercise Rehab

4-6 Theobald Street, Thornbury VIC 3071
Monday to Thursday | 4.30pm - 7.15pm
Saturday | 8am - 11.45am

Thornbury Exercise Rehab Clinic was established to provide our students with real-life learning experiences while offering clinical guidance to the local community.

Our aim is to improve the overall health, fitness, and wellbeing of our members through personalised programs tailored to an individual's needs.


Initial Health Assessments
Performed by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP).
Personalised Exercise Programs
Group Exercise Classes
Up to three per week.
Access to Allied Health Professionals
Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP).

Areas of Expertise

Chronic Health Conditions

New or Old Injuries

Recent Joint Operations

Physical Activity Growth

Health Improvements

Exercise Programs


"I was recommended to ERA by my GP, Doctor John Casey at the Livingston Clinic because I was having issues recovering full mobility from a stroke back in February 1997 and a spinal operation in December of the same year.

The exercises at ERA Clinic have turned out to be very effective in helping me with my physical problems. The best part of the Clinic is not only the expertise of the managing staff but also the individual attention I have constantly receive, even during the Covid-19 shutdown with the zoom home sessions.

Positive results were initially slow as I did not realise how much the stroke had impacted me. Thanks to the patience of the staff and hard work results have now started coming thick and fast.

I am recommending the clinic to everybody I meet that has issues recovering from physical problems and will continue to do so."


"I heard about the ERA clinic from my doctor when he was looking to do a care plan for me.

I’m not the type of person that would go to a gym so this suited me as it had the personal touch of one on one support and understanding my body's needs and adapting to it.

I love coming to the clinic for the staff and the students and the friendships I have gained.

By coming to the clinic I have now controlled and maintained my hypertension issues, lost weight, and feel so much better.

I have loved coming to the clinic so much I have convinced my sister, my husband, and a work colleague to join."


"My wife recommended ERA to me after she had been attending the clinic for a few weeks.

My sessions have been tailored for my needs and provide a rounded workout that started slowly and built up over time.

The students provide one on one guidance with a senior supervisor for each session, all of whom have proven to be excellent throughout, and have improved my overall appreciation of the personal benefits of exercise.

I would highly recommend the ERA to anyone who wants or needs to help with their body and wellbeing."


"I first found out about the ERA clinic through a chance discussion at a club meeting.  I immediately thought it would be a great fit for me and that has certainly been the case.

I have trained at gyms on and off until my 40's, but the real benefit of the ERA clinic is the personal attention I receive from the students, who are monitored by their supervisors at all times. 

I also love that there is a limit of 8 customers at any one time working out meaning that there is no waiting for access to equipment during my program.  

Over the journey, my program has been adjusted to take into account injuries.  My strength has increased and I plan to keep attending as long as I can.  I have often recommended the ERA clinic to colleagues and friends.  

I enjoy giving feedback to the students and having a laugh with them.  Keep up the excellent work!"


"I heard about ERA from someone who was attending the same Tai Chi class. We started chatting and she told me how she attended ERA before Tai Chi classes. Once I was told what ERA did I contacted them.

I have tried personal trainers and found that they do not listen to the client about their fitness level and health, nor do they take into account their age. I find personal trainers seem to believe one program fits all. ERA actually listen to their clients and their programs are suited to the client and are changed regularly.

I love the way the students keep the clients motivated and everyone can have a laugh. I love the one on one's and how the students work so hard.

When I started attending classes I noticed that I was sleeping a bit better and my fibromyalgia no longer plays up as much. I have more energy and feel motivated to accomplish things. I am really motivated to attend the classes.

Everyone I speak to cannot believe how I have a personal trainer who pushes you and shows you how to do the exercises correctly. People are very impressed that the students know the body and understand medical conditions. The staff are exceptional as well."


"I am the kind of person who struggles to enjoy exercise and at the suggestion of my GP, I joined the clinic.

I like the personalised approach to programs that allow me to challenge myself and see the progression towards my goals.

The clinic has enabled me to commit to a regular program, improve my fitness and establish a better relationship with exercise.

The exercise physiologists and student trainers are friendly, knowledgeable, and encouraging. I would recommend the clinic to anyone."


What to Expect


The initial consultation will involve a detailed health and fitness assessment with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP).
We then create a personalised exercise plan which will be tailored to the individual’s needs.
There will be an invitation to participate in our weekly group exercise classes.^
The exercise programs are designed by Allied Health Professionals and delivered by students who are undertaking a Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance (HLT43015).
The classes run for approximately 45-minutes and are supervised by qualified Allied Health Professionals.

Opening Times


Monday to Thursday
4.30pm - 7.15pm

8am - 10.45am


Initial Assessment

Package A

Includes 1 session per week
  • Exercise Class Subscription.
  • Payments are processed every 4 weeks. 
  • Cancellation requires a 4-week notice.

Package C

Includes 3 sessions per week
  • Exercise Class Subscription.
  • Payments are processed every 4 weeks. 
  • Cancellation requires a 4-week notice.


^Invitation is dependent on health and fitness assessment.
Medicare and private health rebates may apply.
Note: The above package prices will incur a small processing fee.

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