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Excellence Requires Industry Expertise

The ERA education team comprises of enthusiastic, qualified, and dedicated professionals with first-hand experience in specialised education services. From the selection of industry partners, to the equipment in our facility, everything we do is about delivering optimum outcomes for you.

Our role in industry is a vitally important one. We augment the education services provided in the tertiary sector and provide a platform for students to pursue the career path that is best for them.

We are passionate about the work we do. Here's how we got to where we are today.

Our Journey

We have an 20 year history of service excellence within the health, fitness and education sectors. Here's a snapshot of that journey.

Our journey - Our beginning

Our beginning


ERA was founded to deliver High Performance sports testing with a vision to working with both elite and sub-elite athletes.

Our journey - High Performance

Achieved National Accreditation


Became a Nationally Accredited Sports Testing Facility. We began servicing clients such as the VIS, NAB AFL State and National Draft Combine, AFL Clubs, Tennis Australia, Athletics Australia, Badminton Australia and Triathlon Victoria.

Our journey - Education specialists

Launched Education Services


Became a key presenter at sports coaching workshops and the Victorian Physical Education teacher conference, ACHPER. This saw the beginning of our VCE PE school programs.

Our journey - Becoming an RTO

Achieved RTO Certification


Extending on the delivery of high quality education services, we expanded into the vocational training sector to deliver certificates in Allied Health.

Our journey - Revised programs

Launched AHA Program


Our recognised standing within the tertiary sector, alongside our expertise in high-performance sports science and education equipped us to develop an industry-leading Allied Health Assistant Program.

Our journey - Building industry opportunity

Opened Thornbury Exercise Rehab Clinic


Our mission to provide valuable learning outcomes for student whilst providing a much needed service for our community saw the launch of this service.

Our journey - Reaching Higher Ground

Graduated Our 1,000th Student Graduate


Due to the growth in our Industry Partnerships and reputation within the student community for providing enhanced career opportunities, demand for our program reached the milestone of seeing our 1,000th student graduate.

Numbers Never Lie

Each program we deliver is an opportunity to improve the student and partner experience. We make the most of every single one.


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A Values Driven Organisation

At ERA, our goal is to empower everyone who engages with us to leave with more than they started with. We understand that everyone forges their own unique learning path and we enhance this through a personalised and innovative experience. As leaders in our industry, we aim to inspire excellence in all we do!