AHA Program: A Look Back at the Building Relationships Module with Ex-Student Ambassador, Tianah.

by Bryanna Sweres, on 22/02/2021 10:24:10 AM

As an AHA, having a sound understanding of what diversity means and involves will shape your practice when working with patients from varying backgrounds.

While we need to be all inclusive of diversity, we also need to develop the skills to communicate with individuals from different and varying backgrounds. 

Ex-Student Ambassador, Tianah, provides her insight on the 2019-20 ERA AHA Program 'Building Relationships' Module.

Classes: Communicating with Different Cultures

We started off with an activity that was scenario based where 2 contradicting beliefs or statements were written on the board and each of us needed to decide which we agreed with more and move to a specific side of the room depending on our answer. This shows us, even in such a small group of people who are all around the same age and have similar interests, how different we all think and the different beliefs we have.

The second activity of the day involved us pairing up with a classmate and asking them questions about their culture, ethnicity as well as general beliefs, past life experiences etc.

It was about knowing which questions to ask to be able to learn more about a person and get them to open up and feel comfortable.

We also had an assessment today that was focused on effective communication. One person was required to be the client, one person needed to be the AHA and then there was a supervisor.

Each AHA had to take the patient through an exercise, with patients having diverse cultures, different beliefs and different personalities.

Through this assessment, it was important to accurately act out your required role to give everyone the best opportunity to practice these real life scenarios of dealing with a range people.

Being able to communicate with different people from varying backgrounds is so crucial when entering the workforce.

ERA's on-site Allied Health Educator, Daniel Browne, elaborates on the Building Relationships Module.

The Building Relationships module provides students with the fundamental skills to safely and professionally interact with patients, offers rapport building strategies and acknowledges the vast diversity of individuals present within Australia.

This class in particular challenges students to unpack their own cultural background and provides the tools for them to explore some of their own self held beliefs as well as providing a platform for students to discuss industry relevant popular topics present within the Australian media.

In addition to this, students are afforded the opportunity to play the role of a ‘patient’, ‘supervising AHP’ and AHA in a scenario based learning activity where they undertake a role playing activity. This task is often one of the first times students have had the opportunity to provide professional constructive feedback to a peer and in doing so often offers many ‘teachable moments’  and opportunities for self reflection.


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