Online Service Standards

Online Service Standards

Last updated: 4 August 2023


Exercise Research Australia offers HLT43021 Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance that is delivered partially online. We are committed to providing a quality learning experience for students studying online and these online service standards explain our commitment to students in key areas. 

Student Support

Exercise Research Australia will provide the following support to students studying any aspect of the HLT43021 Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance online:  


  • Available for queries about learning and assessment via phone and online chat through our online learning management system between Monday to Friday for the duration of the course.
  • Will reply to queries within 48 hours and assessments will be returned within 7 days. 

Administrative Support 

  • Our Office Administrator can be contacted via phone (03) 9480 1800 or email: between 8:30am and 5:00pm. 
  • You will receive a response within 48 hours between office opening hours.

IT Support Helpdesk for Technical Queries 

  • Assistance regarding the online learning platform should be directed to the LMS Administrator via Canvas. Our LMS Administrator will be available between 8:00am and 4:30pm from Monday to Friday. 
  • Will reply to all queries within 48 hours.  

Support Services 

  • Students may contact our office between 8.30am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday to receive support from our staff. In the instance that a specific staff member is unavailable at the time of your call, they or an appropriate team member will contact you to respond to your query within 48 hours.

Student Entry Requirements and Induction

Exercise Research Australia conducts a comprehensive Pre-Training Review for all prospective students to determine whether a course is suitable and appropriate for their individual needs. As part of the Pre-Training Review, we will include assessment of your level of digital literacy, by: 

  • Incorporating relevant questions in the online application for enrolment  
  • Assessing your ability to navigate through and complete the online application for enrolment 
  • Discussing the outcomes of the above and making recommendations about whether the course is suitable for you and identifying additional support where required. 

Exercise Research Australia uses a learning management system (LMS) called Canvas for online course delivery. 

The following are the minimum information technology requirements to enable optimal access to Canvas: 

  • A device with a minimum of 1GB of RAM and 2GHz processor 
  • Windows 7 and newer or Mac OSX 10.10 and newer or Linux  chromeOS 
  • A webcam and microphone are an additional requirement for completing the program. 

Web-based content is available on hand-held devices including mobile phones and tablets. 

To ensure students are using the online student platform correctly, an induction is completed prior program commencement. Students are also given access to a course called Program Essentials, which provides them with help guides to navigate through Canvas.

Learning Materials

Exercise Research Australia ensures that learning materials used in online training are interactive and are presented in a variety of formats, including: 

  • Documents 
  • External websites 
  • Video 
  • Diagrams 
  • Templates 
  • Screencasts 
  • Interaction through discussion forums and video conferencing.

Student Engagement

Exercise Research Australia provides an online learning experience that is engaging and interactive. We will monitor your participation and ensure that you continue to progress through your course. 

Collaborative learning opportunities will be provided so that you can interact with peers, through: 

  • discussion forums 
  • conferences 
  • group assessments 
  • team-based learning activities 

Ongoing feedback will be provided as you study through: 

  • interaction with trainers/assessors in informal discussion forums and conferences 
  • in response to individual queries and in relation to tasks you complete 

Student engagement with online material is monitored by our trainers and will be used to promote and enhance student learning outcomes. We will contact students who have not logged on within 8 weeks of the course commencement date. 

Students who have not logged on within 8 weeks of the course commencement date that do not reengage after 3 attempts at contact will be deemed to have withdrawn from the course. 

Mode and Method of Assessments

A minimum of two forms of assessment will be used for each unit of competency.   

Forms of assessment will include:   

  • graded quizzes 
  • written projects 
  • verbal questioning  
  • presentations (observations)   
  • practical demonstrations (observations)  
  • workplace observation 
  • placement portfolios 

Where students are asked to demonstrate competency in practical skills, video technology may be used. 

Details of Trainer and Assessor Skills in Experience in Online Delivery

All trainers and assessors delivering online courses at Exercise Research Australia have been required to demonstrate their digitally literacy prior to employment and have undertaken professional development and training in online delivery, which includes:  

  • An employee induction, refreshing the basics with IT and application use  
  • Formal qualifications in online training, through our professional development program    
  • Directed training on how to conduct training using our learning management system.