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VCE PE Teacher Resources

From exam revision resources to student learning activities, we can add value to PE Teachers across all levels of experience and school environments.

Exam Revision

Leading PE teachers from a growing number of highly regarded schools have chosen ERA for their student's exam preparation. Will you join them this year?

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Student Learning Activities

We offer a range of curriculum-based theory and practical activities for PE students to enhance their application of key concepts of the Unit 3 & 4 study design.

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Student Learning Activities
A Range of Curriculum-Based Activities

Custom Solutions

We provide bespoke VCE PE support services which add value to your classroom.

Work closely with our expert team to design a learning program that best supports you and your team.

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I found [the exam revision] very useful! I really liked the ‘exam tips’ at the end of each slide. I also liked the fact that students were able to answer questions anonymously on the night and get immediate feedback. [It] gave an indication of what kinds of questions and topics students were finding difficult. The presenters were great and very knowledgeable. Tables within the lecture notes (and the lecture notes in general) were really clear and made it easy for students to understand.

Matthew Sharkey
Head of Health & Physical Education
Phoenix P-12 Community College